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Polymorph Digital Photography
Where Magic and Technology Mix...

So, you're curious. That's natural.

Read about us in an article from Amiga Format, March 1998.

Polymorph Digital Photography can create:

  • Custom digital photo compositing
  • ID Badges, Novelty and Serious
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Photo and Negative/Slide Scanning
  • Photo Repair
  • Photo Colorization
  • Image Morphing - combine two faces into one, or combine several group shots into one
  • Convert pictures and portraits to vector format for use in vinyl signs, pen plotter art, metal and glass etching, etc.
  • Make that sketch of a logo into vector format so it can be blown up to unlimited size

My personal interest is in Science Fiction and Fantasy scenes, but I certainly don't limit myself to that. Brochures, web graphics, logos, etc. I designed and created this website, the IKV T'Mar Klingon Fan Club site, and the UPCHUG Amiga SIG website.

We travel to several SF/Fantasy Conventions every year. Look for us as Klingons, Mad Scientists, Pirates, Dr Who characters, etc.

We use Amigas and Windows software including:

Image Processing:

ImageFX, Photogenics, WinImages, Paint Shop Pro, WinMorph, MorphPlus, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photopaint, Photodeluxe

Vector Graphics:

DrawStudio, ProVector, ProDraw, CorelDraw

Desk Top Publishing:

Pagestream, Adobe Pagemaker

3D Rendering:

Real3D, Cinema4D, Bryce, Poser

NonLinear Video Editing:

MiniDV capture via Firewire and analog AVI capture. Magix Movie Edit Plus UK version. Chromakey screens. Wax compositing (like After Effects).

Web Page Design:

Adobe Pagemill, nVU, SwishMax (Flash creator), various books and tutorial sites, lots of manual HTML entry


Various inkjet printers, archival pigmented and dye inks. From letter size to 17 wide by ?? long.

Coming soon: 54" wide poster and banner printing.

Vinyl Cutter:

Sign fabrication. Can also be used to make custom stencils. Roll width up to 24 inches, cutting width up to 18 inches. Can also be used as a large format pen plotter by special request. Larger letters and figures are created by the standard process of overlapping.

Lamination, protective coatings and large format printing are available on request.


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