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All the graphics on this web site were done almost exclusively on our Amigas. However, I am a realist and I use the tools that suit the job, so we use other computers, too. But this is the AmigaLinks page, so here goes!

Since all the stores that carried Amiga from Bellevue to Olympia either closed or stopped carrying Amiga, I've decided to start carrying some Amiga HW and SW. Contact me if you want to buy or sell new or used Amiga HW or SW. One of the main gripes I heard from local Amiga users was the high price placed on used SW that may be 5 years old or a version or two behind. So I have tried to keep used SW below $20, with few exceptions. Used games on floppy are no more than $5.00 each, excluding compilations which may be more.

I no longer auction things off on eBay as it has become too toxic to sellers.

We proudly maintain the website of the Amiga SIG of the UPCHUG University Place Commodore Home User's Group in Tacoma, WA.

Polymorph is on the Famous Amiga Uses website, but may not be in all online versions of the list.

For the fastest Amiga yet, use UAE for Linux, Windows, DOS, or Mac. Free, but you need a ROM and the OS. Get it all legally for less than the cost of an Amiga 1200 from Cloanto in Amiga Forever. (Amiga Forever's interface is Windows only but the ROM image and bootable OS installation can be used legally on any OS that UAE supports.) UPDATE! Amiga Forever 2016 is out now, and the CD will autoboot into a minimal Linux and from there right into the emulated Amiga! And it comes with AmigaOS 3.9 and more software including the excellent Directory Opus (aka DOpus) as a Workbench replacement.

For free (fully legal) Amiga software downloads go to Back to the Roots. Most are in ADF form for UAE, but can be converted back to disks on a real Amiga.

Here are the main programs and hardware I use to create the pictures and the web site.

ImageFX Version 4.5 Studio is out now! Layers, layers, layers! ARexx and a clear interface are its biggest strengths. It was acquired by A-EON 22Jan2015.
Pagestream DTP program. Versions for Amiga, Windows, Linux, and Mac. He offers upgrade and crossgrade pricing as far back as V1.X Amiga and Atari!
Haage and Partner sell Directory Opus, aka DOpus. It was a fantastic Workbench interface replacement for the Amiga that still ships with Amiga Forever. Now it is available for Windows as an Explorer replacement. Much better than Explorer.
Photogenics Sadly gone now, but it was graphics software available for Amiga, Windows, and Linux.
Real3D Realsoft International appears to have gone out of business but this is still an excellent program
Final Writer 5 and 97 sadly no longer supported
Various text editors
and tons of other excellent Amiga software
Aminet is the largest repository of Amiga shareware, freeware, demos, reviews, etc.

Amiga 3000 WB 3.9
Phase5 Accels and Video Cards I now have the CyberPPC 200MHz 604e with UW SCSI3.
Polaroid PDC 3000 digital camera An excellent camera orphaned by Polaroid.
VLab Motion and Tocatta NonLinear Editing for Video and Audio.
HP 4c flatbed scanner Fast SCSI scanner. True 600dpi optical with excellent depth of field missing from newer scanners. Legal size scanning.
Various Windows boxes on a LAN


If you have an Amiga club you'd like linked here, let me know.

Steve Greenfield


Created with Amiga!

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