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nice Great costume!

Too bad about the background...Hallways, tents and garage doors don't exactly show off that costume to its best effect, but we can help!

Our specialty- Remove obtrusive background elements or move you completely into another picture. You can supply a background picture, or select one from the literally thousands of possibilities we have available.

We can 'lift' you from your snapshots, which are returned unharmed, or we can take your picture if you are in the area of Tacoma, WA, USA or at a Convention we are attending.

Replace the background or sky. Do justice to that costume or medieval garb. Replace clouds with a realistic blue sky, or add storm clouds and lightning.

Special effects are no problem. Lightning, flame, glow effects, morphing, etc.

Remove or diminish undesired or intrusive elements in your photos.

Click on thumbnails to see examples:

Angry Priestess

Size: 53K

Lady N the Fox

Size: 67K

Dancer in Flames

Size: 84K

Lady Papayrus

Size: 45K

Be Seeing You

Size: 26K

...And a Bag of Chips

Size: 47K

Garden Weasel and friends

Size: 51K

Not a Cabbage Leaf...

Size: 25K

Stay for dinner?

Size: 41K

Feed me

Size: 34K


Size: 29K

Fantasy Walk

Size: 48K

Flower Giver Goddess

Size: 26K

Morning Watch

Size: 58K

Gypsy Goddess

Size: 39K

Winged Woman

Size: 43K

Stars in the sky

Size: 23K

Wizard in the Ruins

Size: 60K

Wizard and familiar

Size: 56K

Tiger Woman

Size: 53K

Tacoma, WA downtown, 67K
Combined from two photos of downtown Tacoma, WA, two photos of the subjects, and a computer generated sky. Commissioned for a brochure for the Tacoma School District's 'School To Work' program.

Tacoma Urban League Class, 43K
Client liked the pose of the teacher in one photo, and the poses of the other subjects in the other. Both photos suffered from severe shadowing in the lower left which had to be corrected as for technical reasons the scene could not be reshot. Commissioned for a brochure for the Tacoma School District's 'School To Work' program.

Created with Amiga!

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