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My wife and I belong to a Klingon Fan Club, the IKV T'Mar, that is very active in community service and charity events. I am the communications officer for the club, so feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining or in having us take part in your charitable event. We also costume as Mad Scientists, Pirates, or whatever strikes our fancy.

IKV T'Mar Link 

The IKV T'Mar meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, location varies. Contact me before the meeting. Thanks to John Schmidt of the IKV Deathgrip out of Seattle for making the banner graphic.

Look for us in costume volunteering at many charity and community service events around Western Washington.

Update: Norwescon 27 in 2004 will be the last Norwescon with an official IKV T'Mar, NW Propmasters, or Polymorph presence for a long time. Lack of respect for many years, compounded by outright name-calling by members of their ConCom has caused this.

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