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Polymorph Digital Photography
Where Magic and Technology Mix...

Ready for a change?

Then let us take your picture. We have literally thousands of digital scenes available, and can make a custom scene for you. Since we work digitally and not just from a few painted backdrops, the only limit is the imagination.

Scroll down for links to examples.

We can print your personalized art as a photo from wallet size up to poster or as full color greeting cards, postcards, coffee mugs, business cards, mouse pads, clothing transfers, etc. or as a file to put on your web page. The original photo is returned unharmed.

Our specialty is Science Fiction and Fantasy portraits, composites, morphs, and 3D scenes. Mail us a suitable snapshot or, if you are in the area of Tacoma, WA, we can take your picture using our high quality Digital Camera. With over 8,000 potential backgrounds to choose from, every picture we create is unique. Look for us at Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions around the Northwest USA!

We are located in Tacoma, WA, inside Alien Relics Collectibles (view some alien prosthetics here) and are available for appointments Wednesday to Saturday from Noon to 7pm by calling 253-318-2473. Please note that the number has changed. Appointments may be set outside those hours by prior arrangement.

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Polymorph Digital Photography
Alien Relics Collectibles
3501 Sixth Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98406

Why Digital Photography?

\/Click on film frames to see examples:

Clic Replace the background or sky. Do justice to that costume or medieval garb. Replace clouds with a realistic blue sky, or add storm clouds and lightning.

Clic Special effects are no problem. Lightning, flame, glow effects, morphing, etc.

Clic Repair and colorize old pictures, or make new pictures look old. Remove intrusive elements.

Clic Custom ID badges for conventions and special events, or just as a conversation starter. Hotels love it when Convention Committee members get one of our ConCom ID Badge package specials.

Clic Just cut through the bull and view all the examples. No descriptions, nothing fancy, just a page full of thumbnail links. I hope you have a fast connection...

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