SF Cons

I'm Steve, aka Polymorph. I've been involved in taking things apart since I can remember, and putting them back together for nearly as long. I used to build space ships out of appliance boxes, complete with control panels with lights and levers and bubbling test tubes creating oxygen (and hydrogen, lucky nothing blew up!)

Yep, that's me with a Jacob's Ladder that I built from scratch. Sorry about the glare, I canna change the laws 'o physics.

I've been an electronics technician for over 20 years, mostly self-taught. Sadly that has meant no certificate, which has held me back. I've found no one in HR departments wants to talk to someone without official paperwork. I'm currently in school to become an Electronics Engineering Technician, and now I'll have an official piece of paper stating that I can do what I can do!

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