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Polymorph Digital Photography
Where Magic and Technology Mix...

Repair, colorize, or antique pictures.

We can repair faded or damaged pictures, and colorize faded or black and white photos.

Or we can make a photo look like an antique. Sepia tone, hand colored look, distressed effects.

Combine and modify otherwise unsuitable pictures. It can be quite expensive or impossible to have a shot or two redone because you don't like the sky or because you like parts of several shots of the same scene or people. Maybe Uncle Harold missed getting in the group shot at the family reunion, impossible to get everyone together again but if you have a picture of Uncle Harold we can slip him in there.

Remove or diminish undesired or intrusive elements in your photos. That strange guy behind you in your vacation shots can be removed without harming the original photo or negative.

We can 'lift' you from your snapshots, which are returned unharmed, or we can take your picture if you are in the area of Tacoma, WA, USA.

Click on thumbnails to see examples:

Mother In LawColorized Mother In Law, 24K

Old NewprintSwing Mikado repaired, 43K

Gopher PatrolPainted Edges, 38K

Gopher Patrol 2Spattered and shadowed edges, 40K

Winged WomanTorn and shadowed edges, 43K

Tacoma SkylineTacoma, WA downtown, 67K
Combined from two photos of downtown Tacoma, WA, two photos of the subjects, and a computer generated sky. Commissioned for a brochure for the Tacoma School District's 'School To Work' program.

ClassroomTacoma Urban League Class, 43K
Client liked the pose of the teacher in one photo, and the poses of the other subjects in the other. Corrected severe shadowing in the lower left. Commissioned for a brochure for the Tacoma School District's 'School To Work' program.

Created with Amiga!

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