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Polymorph Digital Photography
Where Magic and Technology Mix...

The philosophy behind the design of this web site:

You won't see any 'Best Viewed With:' tags here. I have attempted to make an equal opportunity web site that doesn't require special plug-ins or a specific platform or browser to view.

Many people, if required to download and install a plug-in or specific browser to find out about someone's product or company, will instead look elsewhere. It is like being told that you need a certain type or brand of shoe, if you want to go into the bookstore. Sure, all those bells and whistles are really neat, but if a customer can't view them, or doesn't want to have to install a plug-in for whatever reason, why lock them out? Especially if the shiny bits have nothing to do with the product or service.

And browser share is a myth. I know from personal experience that many (if not most) people using browsers other than MS IE have them set to spoof IE, to get around websites that refuse to even try to show pages to non-IE browsers. Some browsers even install by default spoofing Internet Explorer

That being said, of course there are certain limits. To get the most out of Polymorph Digital Photography's web site, you really need a graphical browser. Even so, I put text alternatives to graphics for those who don't or can't view graphics in their browser.

Other sites may be enhanced by more advanced HTML features, but the more plug-ins they require, the more they restrict their potential customers.

I tried to keep the size of the graphics down where possible. The first time you hit the Polymorph front page you had to download about 35K, after that many of the graphics are re-used on the other pages so that you don't have to wait very long for other pages to load as those graphics are already in the cache on your computer.

If you would like to see some samples, I built the UPCHUG Amiga and C64 Club website and the IKV T'Mar Klingon/Sci Fi Fan Club and Community Service website.

If you would like a website built with this strategy, please feel free to contact me, Steve Greenfield or call 253/318-2473.

Steve Greenfield


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