How to bevel a graphic button in ImageFX 3+:
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Cool effect, how do you get it in ImageFX? Well, it was possible in versions below v3 as the culmination of a long list of actions, but layers makes it much easier to see the results immediately and to make changes non-destructively. The following assumes at least some experience with ImageFX 3+.

First, load the graphic you want to bevel.

  1. Create a new layer, name it ReliefMap, set it to Add.
  2. Color/Convert to Grey (this also gets rid of the Alpha channel).
  3. Buffer/Fill layer with White.
  4. Select Black from the pallete, Flood Fill with Feather In (20 in example). This sets sort of a sharp edged blurred border. In other words, the border ramps linearly from white on the outside edge to black over 20 pixels.
  5. Clone layer, rename it MaskLighting, set to Mask, reset Offsets to 0.
  6. Go back to ReliefMap, apply Convolve/Relief Map with light source set in the lower right corner.
  7. If the shadowing isn't overt enough for you, then Balance, pull the Contrast slider over to about 80 or 100 and click OK. You can fine adjust it now with the Blend % slider on the Layer Manager.
  8. Clone Layer, rename it Lighting, set to Subtract, reset offset to 0.
  9. Buffer/Fill layer Lighting with white.
  10. Select the Oval Filled tool, Feather In 20, Fill Radial, Range R8 which is just the first two colors in the palette, black and white.
  11. Draw an oval, starting point top left corner, drag down to bottom right corner, set point back in top left.

You might try using some noise in Lighting or ReliefMap for some interesting effects.

Bevel Base

Right after step 4 and 5.
Relief Map

Right after step 6.

Right after step 11.

Now you get to figure these out for yourself.
I've used Convolve/Relief Map and masks liberally in this image to get the weathered stone look, the bevel, and the lettering. Here is the final image, click on it to download the INGF file. It was made in ImageFX 3.3 but it should open in ImageFX 4. If you don't have an Amiga and ImageFX, you can't open this and you are missing out!

Please note that as this is a 9 layer file so it is just under 600K.

And if you make the background the same as your website background, it appears to be inset into your page.

Here I've made the bevel curved by altering the Bevel layer -before- running "Relief" on it. Please note: you won't get a good bevel effect unless the background is somewhere in the mid tones. IE, a white or black background won't work well with a bevel.

356K 2 layer file

That's my wife and I in our cheesey Christmas card...

And here is another effect, including a "bumpmap" on the corrosion as a separate layer. Load it up and turn the layers on and off to see their affect. I'm not especially happy with this one. If I were doing this for money, I'd find a background that looks more like corroded brass. Click to download an LHA of the ImageFX layered file, again you must have ImageFX 3 or later.

394K layered file.

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