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Polymorph Digital Photography
Where Magic and Technology Mix...

Advantages to Digital Photography:

No need to shoot film, and either wait until the roll is full to process it, or waste unshot film. No need to take the time and cost to deliver and pick up film at the processors. Individual thumbnails in seconds, contact sheets in minutes.

The ultimate in recyclability: There is no waste from rejected photos.

Color corrections, manipulations, composites, etc. are done with no mess and a minimum of fuss. Pictures of subjects can be composited into stock scenes from around the world and out of this world, saving on location costs. Custom scenes can be modeled and rendered in 3D by special request. Architectural and landscape elements can be added to pictures of buildings, and whole buildings can be modeled and rendered and placed in proposed settings. Green or blue screen helpful but not necessary.

If the pictures are wanted in digital format for web pages, screen savers, or for future printing for corporate newsletters/reports, or letters to gramma, they can be handed directly to the customer on disk, or emailed via the Internet saving the cost of courier or postage. Pictures are available on 1.44 Meg 3.5" disk, 640 Meg CDR or CDRW, 4.7 Gig DVD+-R, 100 Meg Zip disk, or 1 Gig Jaz disk in a variety of formats.

Pictures can be printed and reprinted in many formats, from wallet size photos to wall filling posters. High resolution archival (pigmented) inkjet prints are printed in house. Pictures are also available on coffee mugs, Tshirt transfers, mouse pads, etc. Images may be rendered to vector format for cutting vinyl or etching metal, glass, plastic, and wood. Full color transfers to specially prepared metal, glass, and ceramic plates are available, and black and white prints on wood are available by special request.


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